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  • Affect the development of non-standard factory automation industry

           Today's labor costs are constantly rising, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to or plan to implement non-standard factory automation equipment in this area, especially non-standard automation equipment.&…
    Release time:2018-01-23   Clicks:1

  • Why non-standard automated production line project will fail

          There are always victories and failures in life. You can not always be a victorious general. There will always be failures. Projects in non-standard automated production lines will also be exceptionally successful. If you lose, you mu…
    Release time:2018-01-23   Clicks:1

  • Factories non-standard automation of the development

           Non-standard equipment industry as a whole showed an obvious upward trend that the factory non-standard automation market prospects, and even some industries will likely be the most potential market.       Ac…
    Release time:2018-01-23   Clicks:1

  • Non-standard automated custom non-standard automated production line fea…

         Non-standard automated production line equipment is a custom product, it has a strong unique, standardized products can be mass-produced.      Non-standard automation equipment pay more attention to simple design. Do not…
    Release time:2018-01-23   Clicks:1

  • Factory automation companies how to seize the opportunity

         With the advent of Industry 4.0, China proposed the 12th Five-Year Plan, and these paintings have given the factory a chance to develop non-standard automation manufacturing enterprises.      In the future production, au…
    Release time:2018-01-22   Clicks:1

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